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Support That Makes a Difference

Stressed Woman

Individual Counselling

Coming Out
Suicidal Ideation

One-to-one counselling has many great benefits in working through difficult situations, mental health concerns and/or building skills to cope with life stress.  Working directly with a therapist in an environment that is non-judgmental, safe and confidential creates space to explore one's concerns in an open and supported way.

Individual therapy is accessible and kink, queer and poly-knowledgeable/friendly. 

Youth Counselling

School Stress
Self-Harm/Suicidal Thoughts
Coming Out
Setting Boundaries

I have worked with youth for many years and can see the unique challenges that young people face. I have found that my transparent and laid back approach creates a safe and open-minded space, where we can have honest discussions about their lives, that is supportive for learning new tools and coping with stress.

Differing abilities, gender identities and sexual orientations warmly welcomed.

Cool Girl
Pride Parade


Sexual Orientation
Gender Identity
Coming Out
Transitioning Support
HRT and GRS support letters

Coming out as one's authentic self can be a challenging time, and having a solid support network can make a difference to one's well being. I have worked extensively with youth, adults, couples and families around LGBTQ2S+ experiences and the impact it has in people's lives.

Couples/Relationship Counselling

Monogamous Relationships
Polyamory/Non Monogamous Relationships

Relationships can be challenging and can benefit from an outside perspective. Couples therapy is about finding new ways to connect with each other and set boundaries that are meaningful and supportive to everyone. Learning new ways to hear a partner and speak our truth to them can be an anxiety producing process, however, the results are often feeling more connected and heard.​

Couples therapy is accessible and kink, queer and poly-knowledgeable/friendly.

Holding Hands
Girl Using Laptop

Video Counselling

Coming Out

Video Counselling is a great way to get support and build skills, while also making counselling convenient and accessible. Working with a therapist online does not diminish the benefits of counselling and creates space for new learning and growth, especially when working with a busy schedule.

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